Laghulika · Short Story

What’s the Quest?

Dr Broadbrain was confident that his lifetime dream would come to fruition today.

Micro-God-Chip or MGC would turn into a reality soon. The MGC project had caused sensational ripples across the healthcare community over the world.

An exciting project, very rightly, it was! Doctor Broadbrain had been experimenting relentlessly for years, so that the devices Micro-God-Chip and Cerebro-Sensor-Connector (CSC) could be put to use. Place the MGC in the small, one-and-a-half-inch CSC and attune it to your brain; the vibrations generated would wipe the negativity off your brain! Depression gone in a jiffy! Boundless would be your joy as if you had the darshan of God!

Broadbrain, in strict privacy, was to test the devices today. He would take the MGC out of the glass-box and expediently fix it into the CSC. The entire operation had to be finished in just thirty seconds; else the MGC would become inactive!

The stopwatch started ticking.

Broadbrain, clad in spotless white apron and gloves, promptly opened the socket of CSC. With the help of micro-forceps, he swiftly lifted the MGC off the glass-box.. A moment of nervousness! Oh! The forceps slipped off his fumbling hands! Broadbrain instantly regained his guts. Without leaving the chair, he searched the surroundings with a special, ‘extendable’ magnifying lens. No result! Now he scanned the entire room with a Laser Detectometer. Nothing found!

Twenty eight seconds already lost! Last 2 seconds! With head on his palm and elbow on the table, the depressed Broadbrain lowered his eyes.

Oh! MGC was lying there in a fold of his apron!

What? Micro-God-Chip was very well there, with him only!!!

The stopwatch stopped ticking.

*** *** *** *** ***


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