Laghulika · Short Story

Science Class


It was the first rain of the season this noon; it slowed down by evening.

He had a glimpse of a bit of rainbow through the window of the crowded school-van. He was just back home. He was very happy as the next day was Sunday, a holiday.

He came out, tempted by the fresh fragrance of the wet soil. No rainbow in the sky? No issue. How about trampling the mud? He greatly enjoyed greasing the palms with the soft soil.

The dancing marigold plant caught his attention. How lovely was the yellow flower among the green leaves! A raindrop was seated on the petals of the flower. Wow! The yellow colour of the flower appears so different through the raindrop! Why? The next moment he was lost in the mesmerizing arrangement of the petals of the marigold.

A cute butterfly brushed past his hand and he chased it. I wish I could fly! The very thought helped him reach the sky the next moment. Lots of clouds! Where from have you come? Yesterday you were white. How did you turn black today? And you? Rainbow!! He enjoyed observing the VIBGYOR colours. Why doesn’t such a big rainbow fall off the sky?

As he was lost in the thoughts, a sudden thud on the shoulder shocked him. Mom caught hold of his hand,” Why are you wandering here? It’s time to leave for your Science class!”

*** *** *** *** ***


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