What is Laghulika?

What is Laghulika?

“Laghulika: The Short Stories” is a blog of short stories in English language.

Laghulika is a type of very short story. Laghulika is a form of ‘micro-fiction’.

In fact, ‘LAGHULIKA’ is a word of Gujarati language. Laghulika suggests a kind of short story in Gujarati language. Laghulika is also termed as ‘Laghavika’ which means a very short story.

The first Laghulika in Gujarati language was published by Harish Dave on his blog “MUKTAPANCHIKA AND LAGHULIKA” on 11th October, 2016.

This first Laghulika of Gujarati language was titled  “SCIENCE CLASS”.

“Laghulika: The Short Stories” will present the short stories in English. The short stories at this Blog may be of some 300 words, usually not exceeding 400 words.

Welcome, friends! Enjoy these short stories!